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Lib Dem leader Tim Farron with party supporters in south-west London Labour has yet to comment on the figure, reported by the FT. The Conservatives have been contacted for details of their fundraising efforts. General election: What you need to know Lib Dem leader Tim Farron claimed activists and donors were "flocking" to his party on the back of its anti-Brexit message. The party, who are arguing for another referendum on the final Brexit deal, say they have seen their membership jump to 95,000, attracting 8,000 new members since Tuesday alone. The Lib Dems also raised 1.972m in donations in the final quarter of 2016 - more than Labour over the period. Labour saw a massive increase in membership - to more than 500,000 - after Jeremy Corbyn's election in 2015, although a report leaked to The กระเป๋าแฟชั่น สพายข้าง Guardian suggested 26,000 had left since last summer. Speaking in Swindon on Friday, Mr Corbyn said Labour had signed up a further 2,500 members since the election was called. Wipe out The Lib Dems have traditionally struggled to match the Conservatives or Labour in terms of big donations and tend to spend far less on advertising at general elections than the two bigger parties. They launched an emergency fund-raising drive on Wednesday after Parliament approved Mrs May's surprise decision to seek a snap general election. The party is attempting to recover from their 2015 electoral wipe out, which saw them lose nearly 50 Commons seats.

The bevy of reasons Julia Roberts was just named PEOPLEs Worlds Most Beautiful Woman for the fifth time would take a lifetime to cover. But one definitely worth calling out? How she discusses the idea of beauty with her children. Its an interesting navigation because you dont want to mess them up, you dont want to make them aware of something that was better that they werent aware of, Roberts tells PEOPLEs editor-in-chief Jess Cagle in this weeks cover story, on newsstands Friday. I think as long as everybody smells good and has a smile on their face, thats a beauty regime! jokes the Oscar-winning actress, 49, whos mom to son Henry Daniel , 9, and twins Hazel and Phinnaeus , 12, with Danny Moder , her husband of almost 15 years . Alexi Lubomirski for Lancome Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter. RELATED VIDEO:Worlds Most Beautiful: PEOPLE Editor Catherine Kast on Julia Roberts Diet, Family & More! Do her kids take after Mom when it comes to comedic timing? They all have a very keen sense of humor, Roberts says.They all have a sort of different style of humor, but I do think they are all pretty funny, and I really hope they get that from me because thats what I tell everybody. BEI To see the full interview, watch People Cover Story: Worlds Most BeautifulJulia Roberts, streaming now on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network. Go to , or download the PEN app on your favorite device.

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The rest of the piece is a standard-issue insistence that men and women cant be friends because (note the asymmetry here) men are always interested in more than friendship. Why are such arguments a problem? First, because of the warped view of both friendship and desire. Men and women even straight ones! can indeed be friends, without any romantic interest on either side. But sure, in some opposite-gender friendships, one party is (or winds up) secretly pining for the other. It cant be assumed, however, that the pining party is the man. That the covert crush-haver could be the woman isnt a possibility Fiene acknowledges, as is clear from the end of his piece, where he advises women attracted to a male friend to state their interest (and mention marriage while doing so!): Dont worry that hell reject you, Fiene writes. The guy friend wouldnt have been hanging around in the first place, Fiene claims, unless he had romantic intent.

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