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Selecting Fundamental Criteria In Local News

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There are on-going projects of varying scale trying to address the shortage; one is reclaiming land from the Atlantic Ocean to build a new city suburb called Eko Atlantic on the shores of Victoria Island. Tonnes of sand and heavy rock were poured into the ocean to provide 10 sq km (3.8 sq miles) of land for shops, offices and homes. Protected by an 8km long sea wall, the city will have its own power and water supply, and even an independent road network. Image caption Developers say Eko Atlantic is aimed at those on a middle income Eko Atlantic will be able to accommodate more than 500,000 people, but the multibillion dollar project has been perceived as being "only for the rich". Ronald Chagoury Jr, one of the developers, says it is a perception they have been trying to shake off. "From the beginning we always thought that this would be a city ไทยรัฐกีฬา for the middle income. "We know that the middle income has grown significantly in the past 15 years and we know that it is going to grow even more." 'Living with granny' Still, some residents of Lagos feel that there are already many housing options - they just cannot afford them. Properties are pricey and landlords typically require annual, not monthly rent payments. Banking consultant Abimbola Agbalu tells me that he has to live at his grandmother's house, because renting his own place would be too expensive. Image caption Some housing projects remain unoccupied because they are pricey "If I wanted to rent a house where I would prefer in Lagos I would be spending at least 80% of my pay cheque to move in because I would have to pay two years' rent upfront, agency fees and maintenance fees. "And from then on I would have to spend another 60-70% of my pay cheque every year on rent, which doesn't make sense.

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