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Brendan Vaugn of Ballard, Washington, a 36-year-old data technology product manager, ordered some grass-fed flank steaks, plus limes, bananas, beer, and raspberry Talenti ice cream. "Pretty effortless," he said. "Easy to order online, produce was great quality. Couple minute wait once I checked in." He was back again a few days later to pick up another order. Part of the smoothness comes from the fact that there's nothing to sign. Amazon's systems automatically scan your license plate to recognize your car when you arrive. If that creeps you out, you can opt out and possibly have checkout take a little longer. Other reviews are also positive, with customers calling it "slick," and "seamless," and praising how fast the whole experience is. One reviewer did note that when ordering bread online there was only a handful of options, which for some reason included a tomato .

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