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It is understood the cyber attack occurred earlier this week. A statement from the company said: "Unfortunately we have been the victim of a targeted cyber attack and as such have taken immediate steps to totally shut our systems down to protect our customers and ourselves. Pixel 3 release - Has Google already shown off its latest phone? "At this time we have no reason to believe any of our customer information has been exposed. "We have a specialist team working around the clock to resolve this issue and get us operational ASAP. "We will update our social media feeds as soon as this is the case. We thank you for your patience at this time." The company posted an online alert to customers on September 12. The Italian company supplies more than 750 products (Image: GETTY) Tallia Storm at the opening party for the new Smeg flagship store on Regents Street (Image: GETTY) Smeg, which brands itself as “technology with style”, is known for its Italian-inspired kitchen appliances. The company offers an array of products from toasters and kettles to ovens and fridges.

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Brexit news: 'EU want Britons to SUFFER' Viktor Orban promises to defend UK Brexit | UK | News |

Mr Orban, who ran his election campaign on a eurosceptic and anti-immigration platform, said there are two camps of EU leaders – one which supports Britain and another that wants the UK to be punished for voting for  Brexit .  Speaking to Sky News , Mr Orban said: “The other camp of the prime ministers, they would like to deliver evidence that that to make that kind of decisions must be punished and the British must suffer. “So what we need is a fair Brexit and a good cooperation between UK and European Union in the future.” What we need is a fair Brexit and a good cooperation between UK and European Union When asked how many people were in his eurosceptic camp, Mr Orban chucked and said: “I’m getting a majority, soon.” Two EU leaders have called for Britain to do the “impossible” and have a have a second Brexit referendum, which has been repeatedly rejected by Prime Minister Theresa May. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, a businessman who won his election with his eurosceptic stance, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We hope that finally reach a deal but basically I am very unhappy that UK is leaving. “So it will be better maybe to make another referendum and maybe the people, in the meantime, they could change their views because Europe has a lot of problems. Brexit news: Orban hits back at EU leaders wanting to "punish" UK (Image: GETTY•Sky News) “We have problems with Mr Trump about tariffs, we have problems and sanctions with Brexit, migration, Turkey and so on. "So for Europe, it is quite a difficult time and I was really shocked when the referendum was announced that there was so many people happy.” When quizzed by BBC host Martha Kearney about why Mr Babiš supports a second referendum, he said: “Because then we will solve the problem quite quickly.” Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also said there is "almost unanimous" support among EU leaders for there to be a second Brexit referendum. Also speaking on the Today programme, he said: "There is a unanimous, or almost unanimous I would say right now, point of view around the table that we would like the almost impossible to happen, that the UK has another referendum. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May was given 10 minutes at the informal summit in Salzburg to address the other 27 EU leaders about her "Chequers" plan for a future partnership for the first time. Mrs May rubbished calls for a second referendum and said: ”I know that for many of you Brexit is not something you want but it's important to be clear there will be no second referendum in the UK. "The public has delivered its verdict and I, as Prime Minister, will deliver upon that - the UK will leave on the 29th of March next year.”

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